Destiny's April Update

Destiny’s April Update Lands Tomorrow

Destiny’s April Update lands tomorrow on the 12th, but you can watch a roughly five minute preview video of what to expect right now.

Not gonna lie. The amount of stuff that Bungie is adding in Destiny’s April Update makes it seem almost like a mini expansion in and of itself, all for free – assuming you own The Taken King expansion. If you’re still playing vanilla Destiny – a near-MMO in its own right – then you’re a special kind of mad.

The biggest addition is an increased max light level up to 335. They also want players to have multiple methods in which to reach that 335 cap. So expect to be able to increase your light level by basically doing anything in the game. The Winter’s Run strike has also been taken-ified with new enemies and a new boss fight, and the Prison of Elders has a new level 41 version. Expect to return to the Blighted Chalice with a new quest involving that strike. There’s also a new customization option called Chroma. Who wants to glow? Plus there are Taken-themed gear and a free Taken emote.

That’s really just scratching the surface, but whether Destiny’s April Update will scratch the itch of players who have left the game behind for other prospects remains to be seen. This is, of course, all leading up to another expansion later this year, and then Destiny 2 sometime after that. So while many players have disembarked the Destiny train, it still continues forward, continuously creeping that power.

As a semi-related sidenote, The Division’s big 1.1 update lands tomorrow as well. I wonder if Ubisoft is intentionally firing shots at Bungie, or if it’s just a happy coincidence.

But if you’re still a happy passenger of the Destiny hype train, check out the trailer to know what’s in store – as if you didn’t already know and haven’t been salivating at the mouth in preparation. There’s also an extensive update page that reveals all that will be within Destiny’s April Update.

We haven’t even touched on any of the balance changes in the patch.

Some stuff has to be left for discovery, though, doesn’t it?

I remember a time when I had to play a game to know what was in it.

Those were the days.

Now get off my lawn.


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