Codemasters and Evolution Unite, Salvaging the Driveclub Studio

Back on March 22nd, Sony announced that they’d be taking the axe to Evolution Studios, creators of Driveclub and the Motorstorm series. Tears were shed by racing fans everywhere. Fortunately, though, today those tears can be dried. Codemasters announced that they were bringing aboard basically everyone from Evolution Studios, creating quite the UK-supergroup of racing developers. All they’re really lacking is Criterion, but we know what happened to them. They were EA’d.

The Codemasters announcement has the broad picture, but an article over on gameindustry.biz has a few more nitty-gritty details as well as an interview with Codemasters CEO, Frank Sagnier. The important information is that Codemasters scooped up most of the staff, and instead of simply absorbing them, they’ll be forming form their own team within Codemasters, and will keep doin’ what they’ve been doin’. Sony retails all the previous IPs, for obvious reasons, but don’t be surprised to hear in a few months that Codemasters is working on an AutoGale instead of Motorstorm.

With all the closures and cancellations that happen on a regular basis, it’s nice to see that the future is bright for the Evolution Studios guys. Codemasters themselves seem to be in a really good spot, too, as of late. Even Codemasters seemed to be treading water for a few years there, but with Dirt Rally, the studio seems to have found its stride once more and are starting to grow as a benefit of it.

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