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A new football MMO is about to hit the beta scene called 90 Minutes Fever. I’m always interested to see how MMO football (fine, I’ll call it soccer once. Once.) turn. Having played the Football Manager attempt at it years ago it got me hooked. It didn’t quite work for Football Manager and Sports Interactive are huge. Let’s see what Isokron’s Workshop can bring to the field.

About 90 Minute Fever
90 Minute Fever is set to be the most advanced and in-depth online football management game ever. Some of its features include:

CUSTOMISATION. Fully customise your team’s appearance and stand out from the crowd. Design a logo and strip for your team using 90 Minute Fever’s Club Creation Kit.  Choose an initial squad of players to make you competitive and build tactics that get the most out of them.

LIVE MATCHES AGAINST REAL PEOPLE. Play matches when you want online using our LIVE interactive match simulator. Make substitutions and tactical changes during the game and watch how these affect the match. 90 Minute Fever will put you head to head in a battle of wits against other players to see who has superior tactical nous!

PLAYER & COACHING STAFF RECRUITMENT. Maybe you need a scout to find you the best players, or an agent to help convince players to leave their current club? 90 Minute Fever puts you in total control, letting you make all the decisions over how best to run your club.

CLUB PROGRESSION. Win promotions & trophies to increase the reputation and revenue streams of your club. Use your revenue to recruit top class players, develop a stadium and secure your legacy.

TRUE MMO. All users in a single, persistent online world. Frequent and meaningful interaction between users, and a robust user-driven economy.

NO PAY-TO-WIN ELEMENTS. Fair, competitive and realistic with no need to worry about having to pay in order to compete. Achieving success in 90 Minute Fever requires nothing more than skill and expertise. When you do achieve success you’ll also have the satisfaction and knowledge that you have truly earned it!

Check out the trailer to see what you think:

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