The Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be More Than One Game

Though most of the attention has been focused on Final Fantasy XV after its big reveal last week, the remake of Final Fantasy VII is still coming, and boy will it a doozy. The remake will not be just one game, but multiple ones.

The original impression everyone had was that the game would be episodic, but no, these will be full products. The information comes from the latest issue of Gameinformer, and an interview with the remake’s producer Yoshinori Kitase, as reported by Gamespot. Kitase likens what they’re trying to do with the remake to what was done with Final Fantasy XIII. Multiple games all telling the same story.

Kitase doesn’t say anything about how many games, or how long, or their price, just that there will be more than one of them. So get ready for the Final Fantasy VII trilogy, or quadrilogy, or maybe even a quintilogy or hexilogy. At some point these games are going to become quite the tongue twister. Try saying Final Fantasy VII-IV five times fast.

The game itself is already known to be modernized, so who knows what else they’re expanding. Storytelling has evolved dramatically since Final Fantasy VII came out almost two decades ago. It’s easy to consider that a game then that was 60 hours might today be much, much longer, especially with the advent of voice acting and full cutscenes. Then of course there’s the chance they might go the full route of Final Fantasy XIII, where each part might have completely new perspectives on the story, stuff never found in the original game.

You might even be able to go as far as calling the remake a retelling and reimagining. All the REs, basically.

Check out Gamespot for the original article.

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