Elektra Slices Her Way Into Marvel Heroes Today

Daredevil’s second season is still fresh in everyone’s mind, and for good reason, it was rather awesome. It’s the perfect time for Marvel Heroes 2016 to bring debut Elektra as the 57th playable character.


Her default costume is the class red, but as an alternative, there’s also the costume similar to what’s seen in season 2 of Daredevil. There’s a trailer, too, showing off her playstyle, a fast-paced assassin with light stealth elements.

“We opted for a more target-selection mechanic to represent Elektra’s assassination skills rather than basing her strictly around stealth, to differentiate her from other assassins in the game,” says Michael May, Senior Game Designer at Gazillion. “She does have stealth mechanics, but her gameplay is mostly driven around finding high-value targets, marking them, then taking them out.”

Along with Elektra comes update 1.08 to the game, featuring most notably improved loot for Cosmic Midtown Manhattan Patrol. There’s also an in-depth hero preview on the official forums for even more information about how the new playable character ticks.

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