New Endless Legend Expansion, Shifters, Out; Plus a Sale

Endless Legend continues its reign of exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination. The 4x strategy game expands yet again – for the third time in fact – with its most recent expansion, Shifters.

To make new content for the 4x game even more enticing, Shifters has a release sale of 25% off, bringing the $12.99 price down to $9.74. Pretty nifty, and if you love your 4x games and haven’t yet bought Endless Legend, now’s a good a time as any. For the next week, the game is 66% off, and the other two expansions have discounts of their own, too. Amplitude studios other games are also on sale.

Shifts brings with it a new faction, the Allayi, new heroes and units, a revamped weather system, new buildings, and new items. You know, all the stuff you’d expect to find in an expansion.

There’s full patch notes to give you a low down on what’s changed with Endless Legend aside from the new content.

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