The Long Dark

The Long Dark’s Story Mode Coming “When It’s Ready”

Hinterland Studio’s Raphael Van Lierop released a lengthy blog post today about the state of The Long Dark and details of its forthcoming story mode.

Lierop goes into detail about the game’s history, its success, and it’s future. The post itself is quite long, but worth a read only to get a sense of the passion behind the project.

There are a few good tidbits to highlight, though, from the read:

  • The Game’s sold 750,000 copies between the Xbox and Steam.
  • Because of this, the scope and what they’re capable of doing for Story Mode has done nothing but increase, hence the delays.
  • Story mode will take place in completely new environments, separate from what’s in the sandbox mode.
  • When story mode comes to The Long Dark, it’ll include the first two episodes of the five episode first season, about 4-6 hours of gameplay.
  • As they release, episodes 3 through 5 will be free to anyone who’s bought the game.
  • They want to update us more often about the state of the game, without these long stretches of silence.
  • Expect updates on story mode that might contain a few light spoilers.
  • Expect more frequent updates to sandbox mode.
  • Sandbox mode will also be getting an experimental branch to test out changes more freely.
  • Hinterland also set up a roadmap to give details on what’s being worked on and when we can expect to see it in game.

They’ve also released a video showcasing some of the (quite sexy) updates they’re doing to the game’s environments, “including overhauling our entire environment to have more density and support environmental storytelling so you get a true sense of the world and what has happened before you showed up, a variety of visual improvements, the Majestic Aurora, and one of our Story Mode NPCs.”

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