Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn Receiving Mod Tools By the End of April, and a Free Update Not Much Later

Want to change it so that every enemy in Grim Dawn is a tortoise? Soon, that and more will be possible with the game’s upcoming mod tools. Not only that, but The Hidden Path, a free content update, is coming soon, too.

There need to be more action RPGs with mod tools. I think the last one was probably Torchlight 2, but that game didn’t have the best staying power for me personally, probably because I never bothered delving too much into the modding scene. This time, though, this time it’ll be different. Or not; we’ll see.

I won’t have long to find out. Crate has the documentation done, and is just trying to iron out a few more kinks before they unleash the tools out in the wild. Then it’s only a matter of time before someone adds Macho Man Randy Savage as a seventh mastery.

The real point of the update, however, was to tease a free upcoming content update for Grim Dawn, The Hidden Path. It will feature new lore, new bosses, and a new dungeon, and the teaser they posted is deliciously grim. Now I just have to actually make it to the end game so that I can benefit from said content update. Damn you Path of Exile for being equally as good.

Little is known about the Witch Gods, but that is precisely how the Three prefer to operate, from the shadows, away from prying eyes and the heavy hand of the Empire. The Inquisitors are well-versed in sniffing out followers of the heretical faith, but even they have not been able to completely eradicate what is widely considered a danger to the integrity and well-being of the nation. But that is the rhetoric of the ignorant, of those afraid of what truths may lie within the shadows.

Then there are those who had witnessed the power of the eldritch realm, and the gods that reside within. They are the raving thralls of Dreeg, the power-hungry worshippers of Solael and the scheming followers of Bysmiel. To them, the Empire only seeks to obscure the real truths, to silence them from spreading the message bestowed upon them by the Three.

With the Empire in shambles and the world forever changed by the arrival of the Aetherials, something has stirred within the eldritch realm. And as their hour nears, thousands of believers worshipping in secret await the call when at last the Witch Gods rise from the eldritch weave and reclaim their world.

The Luminari can no longer stop you, the Empire cannot condemn you. And if you seek out the Hidden Path, you too shall lift the veil that blinds you from the darker truths. You too shall learn of the Witch Gods.

There’s no concrete date for the free update yet, but Crate will be shedding more light on The Hidden Path in a couple weeks.

Hopefully not too much light, though, then it won’t be hidden.

And the Discovered Path just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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