Starbound’s Finally Releasing with Its 1.0 Update

Hey guys, it’s another early access success story. Starbound is finally coming out. Some thought it’d never happen; some thought the world was going to end; some were wrong.

Version 1.0 is right around the corner, evidently, and Tiy of Chucklefish posted posted a pretty extensive blog post on what to expect when the update lands in the near future. It was originally coined the “story update,” so that’s what you can expect to find once 1.0 hits, but that’s not all that’s coming in the update, not by a long shot.

In addition its story, Starbound will be receiving:

  • More varied planets that will feature multiple biomes.
  • Many more dungeons, too.
  • New side quests, both tailed and randomly generated ones.
  • New crew members for shippin’.
  • New mercenaries for fightin’.
  • New ship upgrades.
  • A revamped crafting progression.
  • Fossils!
  • Reworked hunger for dyin’.
  • New weapons, also for fightin’.
  • A revamped pet system.
  • New augments for back armor.
  • More combat tweaks.
  • Extensive polish.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Improved multiplayer.
  • Steam workshop.

That’s quite a lot to cram into one patch, but that’s probably why they’re calling it 1.0 and now 0.9956989. By now, a lot of people seemed to have forgotten that Starbound even existed, let alone that it would one day be released. I always prefer sci-fi to fantasy, so it seemed like a good alternative to Terraria, but we can live in a world where both games exist and are played, and are done.

I believe.


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