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As the Community Grows Increasingly Despondent, the Super Adventure Box Returns to Guild Wars 2

After a lengthy hiatus of nearly two-and-a-half years, the Super Adventure Box has finally returned to Guild Wars 2, but why?

The platforming special event – inspired by 8-bit video games – has become a fan favorite among Guild Wars 2 players, but that probably has more to do with its prolonged absence than anything else. It’s no lie that people want what they don’t have. The event was always a cool novelty, but the crazy hype around the event has always seemed just a tad undeserved. That said, the Super Adventure Box was always Guild Wars 2 platforming side at its finest. It’s hard, rewarding, and most likely requires a guide if you have the inclination to do all that it offers.

But is the Super Adventure Box only back to placate an increasingly despondent community? The first expansion, Heart of Thorns, arrived about six months ago, and season three of the Living Story – Guild Wars 2’s regular story updates – still hasn’t started. In addition, a week ago Arenanet suspended the production of all further legendary weapons, creating even more of a kerfuffle. Sixteen legendary weapons were originally promised when Heart of Thorns launched, but to date, they’ve only made good on three. As we all know, MMOs live and die by their content. A bored community is an unhappy community, and it would seem as though Arenanet has been mostly treading water these last six months while half the team focuses on expansion 2 and the other half is presumably cranking away at Living Story Season 3.

It seems like Arenanet has realized they’re starting to lose the favor of their community, and in order to placate them, they’ve given them something they’ve been asking for for over two years, the Super Adventure Box, which doesn’t even have any new content. It’s evidently not worth it to them to devote time to creating new worlds, so it is much the same as it was when it last appeared in September 2013. Sure, they’ve polished it some, thrown in some shortcuts to help traverse the large worlds a little more quickly, and added a few more cosmetic rewards. I think after a hiatus of this long, players were hoping for, at the very least, a new world to platform around in. On top of all this, the Super Adventure Box disappears again on April 19th, but at least now it’ll be a yearly event on April Fools’ Day.

So is the Super Adventure Box the triumphant return of a fan-favorite activity, or a band-aid for a game growing staler by the day?


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  1. The love for the Super Adventure Box has nothing to do with it’s absence and everything to do with being a legitimately fun mode. The only thing the hiatus added was giving the people who understood the mode a chance to be heard over the massive amount of backlash the mode experienced by disgruntled players who were unable to beat it, and did not understand that it wasn’t designed to be beaten.

    Much like Diablo III’s Inferno mode, Super Meat Boy, or IWBTG, it’s designed to be tortuously difficult, which leads to tons of laughs when running with friends.

    I for one am glad it’s back. There just isn’t much to compel me to play anymore, the community just isn’t what it once was. This, however, I can enjoy with friends and get a good laugh out of.