April Humble Monthly

April’s Humble Monthly Bundle is Here, May’s Coming In… May

Another month, another mystery grab bag of games revealed. The April Humble Monthly Bundle is here.

This time around it might not be as immediately impressive as last month’s, but it’s still got a nice set of games regardless. If you haven’t subscribed by the time you’re reading this, you’re gonna miss out, but if you jump on the the May bundle anytime between now and when it comes out on May 1st, you’ll get yourself a copy of Mad Max. That game seems like one of those with a pretty wide difference between critic opinions and user reviews. They thought it was eh, everyone else that it was not bad.

For this month, though, we’ve got South Park: The Stick of Truth, This War of Mine, Nuclear ThroneRenowned Explorers: International Society, Nova-111, The Magic Circle, Avalance 2: Super Avalanche, Stikbold, and Tailwind: Prologue.

The standouts are probably still This War of Mine and South Park: The Stick of Truth, two games that were revealed a month ago, but you can easily add Nuclear Throne and Renowned Explorers to that list. I only have a cursory knowledge of the rest.

I’ll be totally lazy and copy and paste the review I posted for Nuclear Throne on Steam: “Really awesome. In simplest terms, it’s a great-playing shooter with an eargasmic soundtrack. It’s hard, and you’ll die a lot, and you’ll keep coming back for more. There is a wealth of weapons and characters to unlock. The most direct comparison is obviously The Binding of Isaac, but it’s carved a nice little rogue-like-like-like-lick niche of its own. Super-duper recommend.”

Renowned Explorers is a strategy rogue-like where you take the role of 19th century explorers. People really seem to like it. Like whoa.

Skitbold only came out today, and is a 70s inspired dodgeball game, so that’s cool, but there’s not much in the way of impressions on it.

The Magic Circle is perhaps the most interesting game of the bunch. In it, you play as someone trying to finish a game from the inside. Kind of a weird mix between The Stanley Parable and a traditional adventure game.

Nova-111 is a side-scroller with time-manipulation mechanics. Nothing too fancy, but it looks solid enough.

Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche is rogue-like platformer where you jump jump jump as high as you can until you die and start over from the bottom. People seem to like it, too.

Nothing too awe-inspiring for the , so if you missed out, it’s not too bad. Still, if you got the April Humble Monthly Bundle, then chances are there’s something in it for you.

As for the May one, $12 for Mad Max seems like a pretty rad deal, regardless of what the rest of the bundle ends up being.



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