Final Fantasy XV Arrives September 30th

During last night’s Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV stream, Square Enix not only revealed the game’s release date, but a swath of other trailers and information. Get ready to be bombarded.

Despite the release date leaking early, the stream still had plenty of surprises. If want to watch the full thing and be surprised organically instead of all at once, you can watch the archived video from last night. The actual event doesn’t start till about the 1 hr mark.

The general gist is this, though: the next sixth months will be a well-oiled hype machine. We’ve got a couple trails, a playable demo (out now on both PSN and Xbox One), a tie-in anime prequel called Brotherhood (first episode out now), and a full-length CGI movie by the Advent Children people called “Kingsglaive.” The Blu-ray for that will be included in the Deluxe edition. There’s a pretty spectacular cover of Stand by Me by Florence and the Machine featured in both the trailers.

It’s a lot to digest.

Now prepare yourselves for an onslaught of Youtube videos:

“Reclaim Your Throne” Trailer:

“Uncovered” Trailer:

“Platinum Demo” Trailer:

“Brotherhood” Anime Trailer (PSN Download, Xbox One Download):

Episode one of “Brotherhood”:

“Kingsglaive” Teaser

Whew. It’s very likely that by the time Final Fantasy XV comes out in six months, everyone will be sick of Final Fantasy XV. Oh, who am I kidding. Everybody loves the series.

There have been rumors that XV will be coming to the PC, but it wasn’t officially announced, and it seems like there are no plans currently, but I’d bet it’s fairly likely the game will mosey on over to Steam within a few months to a year of release.

Let’s recap then. There’ll be a test Monday. Game’s out the 30th, along with Kingsglaive, the CGI movie. Download the demo now, watch the first episode of the Brotherhood anime now. Replay the part of the trailer featuring Florence and the Machine’s cover of Stand by Me a few times. And ship your first born to Square Enix. Make sure to poke some holes in the box first.

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