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With the Arrival of Patch 1.1 on April 12th, The Division is Finally Getting More Endgame

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment took to Twitch today to doll out information about The Division’s 1.1 patch. It’s an endgame smorgasbord of treats.

The underground mission, Falcon Lost – The Division’s first incursion – was the star of the show, but it was only the tip of patch 1.1’s iceberg. There are also the gear sets, and new high end weapon drops, as well as the gearscore system. Assignments are coming to the game, giving you something to do when you’re out in the world. Supply drops are coming to the Dark Zone. Trading is also finally coming to the game. And you’ll even be able to spectate other players when you’re dead, instead of just lying there, lifelessly swiveling your camera around.

Falcon Lost will be hard. You’ll need the best gear possible to handle the mission on hard, and then there’s the challenging difficulty. It seems like it’s going to be super unforgiving, too. There are no checkpoints in the incursion, so if your team wipes, you’ll have to start again from the beginning. The new gearscore system will come into play here. You’ll need to meet a requirement to enter, and The Division is embracing gearscore all together. You’ll stop seeing a player’s level once you’re 30 and will instead see their gearscore. Now you’ll be able to tell immediately who the fairest of them all is.

There will be four sets included in the patch: Sentry’s Call, Striker’s Battle Gear, Path of the Nomad, and Technician’s Authority. Each will focus on different roles and play styles, and one of them will favor the Dark Zone. The game’s new trading system will likely make attaining the full sets a bit easier. The new system works much like the one in Diablo 3. You can trade anything that drops between party members for about two hours. So if you have two pieces of Sentry’s Call, and a friend gets a piece you need, they should be able to fork it over. Completing the set will unlock a new, really powerful talent. They wouldn’t go into specifics, and it was hard for them to talk about the new sets without revealing what these talents did. One downside to the sets, even though the set bonus probably makes up for it, is that the pieces won’t have individual talents of their own like current high end gear. But you can always choose to mix and match pieces and keep wearing that high end gear with the really awesome talents.

These set pieces aren’t exclusive to Incursions either, although that’s where they’ll be most likely to drop. Set pieces can be found just about anywhere. There will also be crafting recipes to make them, too. Seems as though Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment want you to diversify and play all of The Division, not just its first incursion. But if you want to grind Falcon Lost, then by all means, go for it. Prior to today, it was thought maybe the incursion would have a weekly lockout timer, where you could only do the incursion once a week. Nope, you can replay it as much as your heart desires, but there will be weekly increased rewards, and yes, if you so choose you can create alts and gain these weekly rewards more than once a week.

Supply drops in the Dark Zone were leaked back before the game came out, but they’ve finally been confirmed. These will be protected by tough enemies and will contain non-contaminated loot that you not require an extraction before they can be equipped, but be prepared to kill for the treasures, since only one group can open the supply drops.

Assignments are basically just repeatable side quests. During the stream, they gave the example of killing 10 cleaner enemies. There will be weekly ones, too, and assignments focused on the Dark Zone. These will offer various rewards, including division tech and phoenix credits.

Ubisoft also said that they’d be revealing other bits of information between now and when the patch 1.1 goes live on April 12th, and of course Falcon Lost is also only the first incursion. Another will arrive in May, and expect to see Massive Entertainment continually adding to the Dark Zone as well.

It’s just too bad all of this wasn’t in the game at launch, but at least we don’t have to wait too much longer.

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