Like a Transformer, Xbox Ones can Now Morph Into a Dev Kit

Originally announced way back in the golden age of 2013, Microsoft is finally rolling out Xbox One Dev Mode. Also, there’s a Windows 10 update coming this summer that will bring the two consoles closer together.

Today at the Build 2016 keynote, Microsoft revealed that the preview build would be available later today, allowing you to turn your Xbox One console into an Xbox One Dev Kit. The official release will be this summer, so there might be a few issues if with the preview version. Then it’s only a hop, skip and jump before you too are creating best-selling video games. Okay, there are probably a few more steps to that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. To use the Dev Mode will be free, but to unlock all its features will cost $19.

“Windows is the best platform for the vast community of game developers,” said Xbox boss Phil Spencer. “Windows is and will continue to be an open development ecosystem where anyone can build, deploy, and service their games and applications.”

Any app developed on this new Xbox Dev Mode will be usable across all Windows 10 devices, from PCs to Smartphones. But it won’t be without its downfalls. There are some requirements to switching your console to dev mode. You must join the windows insider program, have a computer running Windows 10, connect the two devices together, install Visual Studio 2015 on the PC, and have 30GB free on the Xbox one. And once you’ve switched to dev mode, you must factory reset the console to switch it back.

An anniversary update for Windows 10 will also be rolling out this summer, for both PC and Xbox One, allowing universal apps to be playable on both. With the update, Cortana will also be gracing the console, in helpful assistant mode, not as a side-character of another Halo game.

The two platforms inch closer and closer together, and soon they will become one, and they will mate, and propagate, and then The Matrix will happen.

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