Games Bought Through the Windows 10 Store Will Soon Support Nifty Things Like Modding and Vsync

Games Bought Through the Windows 10 Store Will Soon Support Nifty Things Like Modding and Vsync

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In addition to the news out of Build 2016 today that Xbox Ones would soon be able to switch to a dev kit mode, Microsoft also let loose some details about improvements to their new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API. You know all those things that bug you about games bought through the Windows 10 store? Yeah, most of those issues are going to be fixed.

Phil Spencer took to the Build 2016 stage today to let people know that Microsoft has ears, and they’ve been using them to listen. Soon, games bought through the Windows 10 store, with their spanking new UWP API, would soon support all the things you’d expect PC games to support, including overlays like Steam, and other fun forms of DRM like Steamworks. Spencer even showed off Age of Empires, complete with both Windows 10 and Steamworks support. Mods will also be supported, including the ones found in Age of Empires. These UWP applications will support live tiles, as well. In the aforementioned Age of Empires, current players online could be seen in the game’s tile.

Then there’s Vsync. Guess what? You’ll be able to turn that off. UWP applications will also support G-Sync and FreeSync.

It’s nice that Microsoft’s been listening to all the criticism about their new platform, and are attempting to at least placate some of the complaints.

Much like every other platform though, like Origin and Uplay, chances are nobody will buy anything through the Windows 10 Store unless they absolutely have to, but it’ll be nice that when that happens with games like Quantum Break, the experience is at least somewhat up to par with applications bought elsewhere.


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