Fallout 4's Survival mode

Fallout 4’s Survival Mode Now in Beta

Fallout 4’s survival mode has been teased for months now, but starting today, it will tease no longer. At least on Steam… in beta. Console players will have to wait a tad bit longer.

The full list of features match what was leaked last month almost exactly, a leak that was soon confirmed by Bethesda. Let me tell you, the new game mode seems to be a vastly different way to play the game, and Bethesda even likens it to Dark Souls, but they do clarify what they mean, that Fallout 4 now has systems that push up against each other like Dark Souls, not that stimpaks are now called Estus Flasks. There’s no more autosaving, you must save by sleeping, nor is there fast travel. Both you and enemies do more damage and have less health. You now have to worry about exhaustion, hunger, and thirst. The list goes on.

I’m half tempted to reinstall Fallout 4 and give it a go, but a few of the more scary changes give me pause. I don’t want to have to worry about how much bullets weigh, or starving to death. Maybe I’m just not man enough. At the very least, this’ll give people something to do while we wait for the mod tools to come out and for people to tweak survival mode even further. Not that it won’t be tweaked before release. This is a beta, after all, and Bethesda is super interested in hearing any feedback testers have via the forums. Considering the vast amount of changes, this beta might go on for quite some time.

Bethesda does’t offer any details on when Fallout 4’s Survival Mode will officially be out, but if you’re on Steam, you can get a taste of it now by opting into the beta.

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