Call of Duty is Most Likely Trekking to the Stars This Year

Call of Duty is Most Likely Trekking to the Stars This Year

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Call of Duty has been becoming gradually more sci-fi as the years have gone by, but can we expect the series to dive fully into the unknown? Signs point to yes. Maybe it’ll even have aliens.

This year’s Call of Duty will be set in the far flung future and will feature space-combat. At least according to NeoGAF user Shinobi602, who has dolled out many an insider piece of information, and has historically been right. Still, it’s probably safest to file this one in the rumor bin for the time being. Regardless of what this new Call of Duty is, we know that Infinity Ward  is making it, and that it’ll be out in October or November across all major platforms.

Are you excited for the continued sci-fi-ification of Call of Duty? Some fans are ready for the series to go back to WWII, so they can see the war played out with fantastic visuals, but unfortunately for them, Call of Duty seems to be only moving forward through time, not back. I guess that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a time-traveling Call of Duty. In which case you can have your space-cake and eat it, too.

I suppose the bigger question here is whether this new Call of Duty will be any good. Once Infinity Ward fractured and the remnants became Respawn, they haven’t quite lived up tot heir old standards. Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts were two of the most poorly received Call of Duties in recent years, but maybe a brand new setting with brand new gameplay hooks will instill them with renewed vigor.

Is it finally time for the series to bust out the Future Warfare subtitle that we’ve all been waiting since 2007’s Modern Warfare to hear.


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