Two Worlds III Coming, Two World II Getting Some Love

Two Worlds III Coming, Two World II Getting Some Love

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Publisher Topware Interactive and Developer Reality Pump announced today that Two Worlds III was in the early stages of development, and that an enhanced version of Two Worlds II (plus some DLC) would be arriving this year.

Say what you will about Two Worlds. Well, I know what you’d probably say. Something along the lines of, “the first game was poo-poo, but the second game was actually halfway decent.” If the trend continues, Two Worlds III will be completely decent. Unless Raven’s Cry has anything to say about it. Reality Pump’s last game was voted by many to be one of the worst games to come out of 2015. That’s pretty high praise, though. It’s a lot harder to make worst game of the year than it is to make just another mediocre one.

Not much is known about Two Worlds III yet, by us or the developer. They’re in the concept stages and hope to have something out in about 36 months. At the moment, the game’s development probably includes the game’s title and some doodles on a piece of paper somewhere.

We may know much sooner than 2019 whether the new Two Worlds has any hope of being good. 2016 will see a major engine update for now six year old Two Worlds II, as well as two new DLCs and some multiplayer maps. The first DLC will be subtitled Call of the Tenebrae and will arrive sometime between around June. You know you’ve got it bad when your first thought of Tenebrae is, “Hey that’s the name of a gun in The Division.”

Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae will be available at the end of Q2 2016 and focuses on the Hero’s return to Antaloor, where he witnesses the shocking murder of DarPha! The killers are a never-before-seen tribe of hideous, rat-like creatures known only as “The Chosen”, who control a mysterious, powerful new magic! Their genocidal plot threatens every living creature in Antaloor, and it’s up to the Hero to find a way to stop them!

After that, it’s all hands on deck for Two Worlds III. Hopefully the work spent improving and expanding Two Worlds II will help to keep the sequel from going the way of Raven’s Cry. That game eventually had to be released under a new name to shake the stigma of the original version which has since been removed from Steam and swept under the rug of things that never happened.

Let’s just be glad they didn’t decide to name the sequel Three Worlds.


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