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Street Fighter V’s March Update Makes the Game Slightly Less Incomplete

Capcom announced yesterday that the March update for Street Fighter V was just a few days away.

Street Fighter V is an odd duck. Despite launching in such an anemic state, hardcore fans seem to love the core of it, but seeing as I can’t fight my way out of a broom closet with any fighting game, I didn’t see any reason to jump aboard the SFV band wagon until it actually resembled a wagon and not a wheelbarrow.

But hey, the first step toward’s the game’s eventual “completion” lands in just a few days.

The March update will roll out in two separate parts. On the 28th challenge modes will be added to the game, and on the 30th, Alex will step into the arena.

The challenge mode will feature a wide array of tutorials that will allow for players of all skill levels to hone their abilities. If you’re really ballsy, and new to Street Fighter, this patch might be a good time to jump aboard the band wheelbarrow. It’ll be harder to learn the game once there are 30 characters and not 16.

The March 28th update also includes the option to offer a rematch during online play. That way those of us that are stubborn and refuse to accept defeat can request a rematch from the person that just bashed our skulls in. Or, you can rematch the easy battles to inflate an already burgeoning ego.

Alex will see his addition to the Street Fighter V roster on March 30th with the second part of the update. Coming along with him will be the game’s shop, where you can pay for Alex using Fight Money earned through Street Fighter V or with Zenny, which is bought with real money earned through real life endeavors. Zenny, though, is not quite ready to roll out yet. Instead of only making Alex available for Fight Money, Capcom is going all generous on us, temporarily that is. Until the Zenny system is worked out and ready to go, all DLC characters released for Street Fighter V will be free to play for a trial period.

Once Zenny comes into play, though, you’ll have to either pay for the new characters with either Fight Money, Zenny, or by purchasing the season pass.

See, there are benefits to games being released in an unfinished state.


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