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April’s Xbox Live Games with Gold Features Some Oldies and some Goodies

If you picked up a spanking new Xbox One for yourself during the Spring Sale and instantly signed up for Xbox Live, and are wondering what wonders await  you in the weeks to come, well then, wonder no longer. The games coming with April’s Games with Gold have been revealed.

Another month, another set of Games with Gold, and this time around, they’re all pretty awesome. Throughout the month of April, Xbox Live members will be given the 360 games Dead Space from April 1st until the 15th, and then Saints Row IV on April 16th until April 30th. These are all also backwards compatible on the Xbox One. Nifty for anyone who’s 360 is collecting dust in their closet. In addition to those two games, you’ll also be able to download the Xbox One game The Wolf Among Us all throughout April, and then on April 16th, you can grab yourself a free copy of Sunset Overdrive until May 15th.

Overall, it’s a pretty great set of games, all of which are worth playing for anyone who might’ve missed them, or are looking to give them another spin. The Wolf Among Us is easily one of Telltale’s finest game, and prompted me to binge the hell out of the Fables comics which is it is based on.

Dead Space probably needs no introduction, but if you haven’t played it, now’s your chance (or wait for the next time the game is dirt cheap) to slice the limbs from necromorphs with a plasma cutter.

Then you have the dual set of open world games with Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row IV. The latter took the Saints Row series about the only place it had left to go, up up and away. It was fast and fun, and taught me that collectibles in video games are not always a good thing. Sunset Overdrive, coincidentally, is also fast and fun. It’s almost like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, but with energy drink zombies and guns.



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