A Few New Overwatch Agents Teased in the New Animated Short, Recall

A Few New Overwatch Agents Teased in the New Animated Short, Recall

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Overwatch’s first animated short, Recall, arrived today, and aside from being ridiculously awesome in its own right – as all Blizzard cinematics are – near the end of the 8-minute video, a few portraits show up, depicting potential new Overwatch agents.

There are roughly fifteen agents in the video that aren’t in the game, but it’s the last few that are especially interesting. While the first ones seem like pretty generic by Overwatch standards, the last six portraits show off a few characters with a lot more personality.

10 - j6z5u14 15 - ev5BTnH

14 - H5VONKf 13 - zYAlx1f

12 - G5wpnGV 11 - 4BcVg0u

Props to Reddit user fanssbb for compiling all the images into a nifty album, which was far more work that was going to put into it, although I might’ve gone into MSPaint and shown the agents with my own artistic skills. Oh well, maybe another time.

Blizzard were pretty clear that the game would be receiving new agents once it was out – and that they’d be free – but they’ve been pretty tight lipped about frequency and who the characters might be. For all we know, we’ll be seeing new Overwatch agents all throughout the game’s lifespan, culminating in a roster of roughly six thousand characters. On the other hand, maybe over the next few months they’ll round out the roster with these six characters and then be done with it.

Who knows!

Below is the full length trailer that you should check out because it’s legitimately pretty rad.


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