Xbox One Price Drop, At Least Temporarily

Xbox One Price Drop, At Least Temporarily

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The Xbox One spring sale kicks off March 20th, bringing along with it a host of deals and discounts and money-saving funzies. You can even get yourself an Xbox One for a mere $299 for a limited time.

We’re three years into the console lifespan, so if you’ve been holding out getting an Xbox One, now’s probably a good a chance as any. There have been loads of exclusive games – some of them quite awesome – and Microsoft has implied that the Xbox One’s lifespan might be a lot longer than that of the Xbox 360.

No Word yet on what games might go on sale, but it’s a good bet it’ll include most everything currently available on the console. Even the Xbox One bundle featuring Quantum Break will be discounted, and considering that preorders for the game also come with a copy of the Windows 10 version of the game, that seems like a pretty noteworthy deal. That is if you’re prepared to spend $300 for a new game, but hey, it comes with console, too!

Check back here when the sale goes live for the low-down on what all’s discounted.


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