Overwatch is Getting Animated Shorts, First Arrives Monday

Overwatch is Getting Animated Shorts, First Arrives Monday

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Blizzard has some of the best cinematics in the industry. Oftentimes they feature better stories than the games themselves. That prowess will no doubt be put to good use for Overwatch. They already proved with the game’s reveal trailer in 2014 that the universe had oodles of potential, and now they’re going to filling out even more of that juicy, juicy lore by releasing animated shorts (the kind you watch, not the kind you wear – not that I wouldn’t mind a nice pair of Overwatch shorts.)

The first of these animated shorts, Recall, arrives in just a few days and will feature the game’s brilliant gorilla, Winston. The only caveat being that it’s exclusive to Xbox’s Overwatch site. Tune in there at 12:00 PST to catch the movie.

“Recall” tells the story of Winston—a genetically engineered gorilla and brilliant scientist who longs for the days of heroism to return. In this episode, we explore Winston’s thoughts and memories as he wrestles with the decision to recall the agents of Overwatch, all while the forces of Talon stage an attack on his laboratory in the abandoned Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar is one of the the maps featured in the game, so it’ll be cool seeing it from another perspective. I guess the only thing standing in the way of these shorts is Blizzard’s tendency to take as much time as they’d like completing things. Hopefully they can release one more than once every couple years.

Below is a trailer for the animated shorts as a whole.


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