LawBreakers is No Longer Free to Play

CliffyB, who helped bring Unreal Tournament to the masses, founded a new studio in 2014, Boss Key Productions. In 2015, they revealed their first game to be LawBreakers. Not much has been heard about the arena shooter since then. At least until it reemerged recently with a facelift and a new business model.

Nexon will still be publishing the game, but it will no longer be free to play, which is interesting, because I can’t think of many games Nexon’s published that haven’t been free to play. The game’s official F.A.Q. will fill you in on basically anything you need to know, but the low down is this: a price hasn’t been revealed yet, but it won’t be a full $60, and it’s also likely that it will still have microtransactions of the cosmetic variety.

The game’s getting a face lift, and it really is only a face lift. The general look of the game remains intact, but the characters have a more mature appearance, and Boss Key will also be leaning more into its M rating. Don’t expect gratuitous amounts of gore, but they acknowledge the fact that Blizzard’s Overwatch, and Gearbox’s Battleborn are both rated T for Teen, so there’s a nice spot for a shooter that’s a bit more violent.


Note the absence of Mav’s aviator glasses and scarf. She also parts her hair differently now, which is obviously the most important change to take from the model revamp.

Not only that, but maps are also receiving a tonal shift.


The new art style does away with any hint of cartoonyness and opts for a more mature tone. It’s not a major deviation, but it’s apparent.

LawBreakers will start off exclusive to PC and more specifically to Steam, but the future is unwritten. No word yet on when the game will launch, nor are there dates for the alpha, or beta, but the Steam page lists a Summer 2016 release date for the game. If it has any hope of stealing some of Overwatch’s thunder, then Boss Key Productions would be smart to start a very limited beta very soon and see if it can get people salivating at the mouths for LawBreakers.

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