This Week’s Humble Bundle Features None Other Than Cryengine Assets

Are you a would-be game developer who’s tired of drawing assets with MS paint and are ready to take it to the next level? Well, then, the Humble Cryengine Bundle might be just what you’re looking for.

This week’s Humble Bundle features not games, but the tools in which games are built. Well, Cryengine games to be exact. So if you’re got a hankering to build yourself a Crysis clone, now is your chance. And by golly, it’s actually not a half-bad bundle considering the content included and the fact that the Cryengine is now free to use.

And I lied. There is actually one game included in the bundle, Nexuiz, the arena shooter that just returned to Steam after a prolonged hiatus thanks to the closure of THQ. It’s not great, but it’s probably not terrible either, but it’s also probably not worth the entire bundle if you aren’t interested in developing anything with Cryengine.

As for the assets, there’s a lot of them. Pay what you want for an assortment of trees, and shrubs, and plants, and environment props. Plus there’s a mocap animation pack for a standard assault rifle, and a Paintball FPS starter package.  Everything you could possibly need to create a paintball game of some sort with some plants and stuff.

Right now the beat the average is at $11.19, and aside from Nexuiz, you’ll receive an Audio Kit, and some vehicles, standard ones, though – don’t expect anything too fancy. Plus there’s the city pack standard edition, with random urban props, and a weapons pack. Perhaps the star of the assets for this tier is a pack featuring animals and foliage from Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome. Lastly, there’s a formula racing pack.

For $13 or more, you can add to your bundle of assets even more assets. There’s the Nexuiz Survival Starter Pack, because everyone wants to make a survival game these days, and why not use props and such from Nexuiz. There are also a couple more Ryse packs, featuring world-building props and Roman characters. Then there are high quality vehicles, high quality city assets, and some characters and animals.

There’s actually quite a bit of stuff here for a mere $13. Sure not all over it goes together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put it all together and create something especially ridiculous. Just, you know, put all the assets in a bag, shake it up a bit, and dump it out.

See what happens.

It’ll probably be infinitely better than some of the shovelware showing up on Steam these days.

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