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Everquest Next Cancelled

Can you guess what’s next for Daybreak Games? Well, it’s definitely not Everquest Next, the studio announced today.

It’s been a year since Sony Online Entertainment became Daybreak Games, severing their ties with Sony and striking out on their own. In those 365 or so days, not much has been heard about Everquest Next, except that of lay offs. People assumed the worst, that the game was probably not going anywhere and was likely to never see the light of day.

Today, Daybreak confirmed what most people already feared – Everquest Next is no more. Why? Well, according to Russell Shanks, President of Daybreak Games, despite their greatest efforts, “it just wasn’t fun.”

Anyone who watched any of the reveal stream could see that the company had some ridiculous aspirations. The game that Daybreak, then Sony Online Entertainment, wanted to make would’ve been revolutionary. They touted lots of dynamic systems. Enemies that would take over villagers if left unchecked. A completely destructible world built with voxel tech. It all seemed too good to be true. Surprise, it was. That’s not even considering the fact that once Sony Online Entertainment became Daybreak Games, and the layoffs started to happen, the studio probably just didn’t have the resources to make anything resembling their original vision of Everquest Next. I’m not sure there’s any company out there that did. They probably spent the last year trying to turn it into something remotely playable, and failed.

Everquest Next, though, wasn’t alone in this world. It had a sister game, Landmark. That was supposed to be an open-world building game similar to Minecraft, but last year Daybreak shifted their efforts away from Landmark in an effort to focus on Everquest Next. Now, though, Daybreak is again able to focus on Landmark, a game that has mostly sat dormant for well over a year. That’ll be launching this spring for $9.99.

I can only imagine that Daybreak is trying to get past all this Everquest Next business and get back to what really matters…

Open world zombie survival games.

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