The Division: If You’re Running a GTX 770 and Crashing, Here’s a Possible Fix

The Division: If You’re Running a GTX 770 and Crashing, Here’s a Possible Fix

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All throughout The Division’s closed and open beta, I encountered frequent display driver crashes unless I turned the game to low settings. I figured “hey it’s beta,” and felt  pretty sure that nVidia and Ubisoft would have it fixed by the time the game came out. I was wrong.

After diving into The Division for the first time, I spent the next twenty minutes crashing almost as soon as I started the game. As it turns out, the full version doesn’t let you access the menu until after you’ve customized your agent. So I was unable to change my settings as I was previously able to, and I thought maybe I was screwed.

Fortunately digging around the internet for long enough can usually solve most of life’s problems. Thanks to a random post on Reddit I learned that the crashing is evidently fairly specific to the GTX 770, and is tied to either particle quality, or wind-affected snow, or both, and since this issue seems wide-spread enough for there to be a few posts about it, I figured I’d write this for visibility’s sake.

If you’re somehow able to get past character creation before your first crash and can turn off wind-affected snow and lower particle quality, that might fix it for you. If that doesn’t work, or if the crashing happens too quickly, prepare to edit some config files. Navigate your way to your Documents folder, then My Games, and then Tom Clancy’s The Division. Before going any further, it’s a good idea to backup that folder in case you royally mess something up. Now select the graphics settings.cfg file, open it with notepad, and change the following two entries to these values:

[“particle quality”] = 0

[“snow particles wind”] = false

Save the file and close it. Now right click and enable “read only” so it doesn’t get changed if the game tries to rewrite it.

Since doing that, I haven’t had any other crashes, and the game’s been running perfectly fine otherwise.

With any luck, Ubisoft or nVidia can get this sorted out pretty quickly, but if not, hopefully that solution allows you to collect loot unimpeded. If you’re still crashing, you can also use the Geforce experience to set everything to low for you without having to go into the game. If none of this works, and you’re still crashing, head on over to Ubisoft’s tech support site and give them a piece of your mind.


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