Vermintide Expands With Both Paid and Free Content

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, one of the few games out there with a official dash in the title, just received a new game mode for free and a new map that’s not-so-free but at the same time dirt cheap.

Vermintide was a personal 2015 sleeper hit of mine. I had my eye on it in the months leading up to release, but was hesitant to think it would see much in the way of success. Fatshark hasn’t hard the smoothest track record, but they finally knocked one out of the ballpark. My friends and I ended up sinking dozens of hours into the game, and keep saying we’re going to go back to it to sink another few dozen.

Now we have a good reason to. The new game mode, Last Stand, arrived Monday. It’s your typical “horde” mode found in many other games. You and three friends band together to defend against increasing difficulty waves of the Skaven rat men. The more you kill, the harder it gets, and the longer you survive, the better the rewards. In this case, crafting materials. There are three difficulty levels. The easiest and medium ones are limited to thirteen waves, but the most difficult one is endless. I look forward to seeing people with world Vermintide records of sixteen hour Last Stand runs.

The update comes with one free map, Town Meeting, and a paid map as DLC, The Fall, set in the castle Schluesselschloss. The best thing about this DLC is the fact that not only is it a surprisingly cheap at $2.99, but you don’t even need to own it in order to play on it. You just need to find someone who does own it and have them host the game. Yup. Technically only one out of every four people needs to have The Fall.

That’s a pretty solid way to do DLC.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have heads to separate from Skaven.



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