Radiant Entertainment Acquired, Rising Thunder Cancelled

Radiant Entertainment has been acquired by the League of Legends studio, Riot Games. Rising Thunder will rise no longer, but what about Stonehearth, that other thing they’re making?

Stonehearth will be fine. That game, currently in alpha, will still continue to be developed with little changing behind the scenes. But as said, Rising Thunder is being cancelled and will go offline March 18th. Pretty short notice, but oh well. That game, though promising, wasn’t much more than a tech demo.

And Riot evidently liked what they say – I doubt they acquired Radiant for Stonehearth or no reason at all. They probably saw the potential of the fighting game and wanted to do something else with it. Not to speculate too much, especially since this is what everyone else is speculating, but I suspect we’ll see the game again shortly enough, perhaps as a League of Legends fighting game. Rising Thunder was accessible enough for me to pick up and have fun with, me who can’t play Street Fighter to save his life, despite multiple attempts. So I can see all of the League fans out there having fun with the game too, especially if you get to beat the crap out of Darius as Teemo.

I suspect the Radiant fighting scene will go quiet for a few months, maybe a year, then boom, Rising Legends.

Or, you know, nothing will happen and this will just be one of those things we’ll look back on in a few years and say, simply,



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