Humble Bundle Gets Jumbo

Humble Bundle Gets Jumbo

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Humble Bundle sure has picked up the pace. Seems like not only is there a “weekly” Humble Bundle, there is also a new main one every week as well. Two weeks ago it was the Indie one. Last week it was Star Wars. Now say hello to the Humble Jumbo Bundle 6.

There are currently seven games featured, with at least a couple more to come next week. They range from strikingly mediocre to strikingly great to somewhere in between.

Starting off the $1 tier, we have Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, which, simply put, is a Zelda clone, but from what the user reviews say on Steam, it’s not quite as good as Zelda, but what is?

Next we have Shadowrun Chronicles – Boston Lockdown. Think of this as a Shadowrun Returns’ co op brother. Whereas that’s single player and turn based, this is multiplayer and turn based. Not as good, though. But if you and your friends are aching for something to play together, well for $1 you could probably do a lot worse.

Closing off the dollar tier is WARMACHINE Tactics. Another turned based game. With only 50% positive user reviews on Steam, it’s safe to consider this one likely filler. It also seems to have a bit of DLC, but the Humble Jumbo Bundle 6 version comes with the Mercenaries Faction Bundle. Might be fun to play it and see just why the user reviews are so low. That’s always fun.

Lastly, you get a coupon for 10% off the Humble monthly bundle, and since the April one will include Southpark: The Stick of Truth as well as This War of Mine, it might be worth spending a dollar to save slightly more than a dollar.

Overall, the Humble Jumbo Bundle 6 has a pretty unimpressive bottom tier, but beating the current average of $6.94 takes it up a notch.

That’ll get you Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut. Probably worth it for the price alone. Dragonfall takes some of the few criticism people had with the original Shadowrun Returns and fixed much of them.

Next up we have Dreamfall Chapters, the second sequel to  the 1999 point and click adventure game, The Longest Journey. 2006 saw Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and almost a decade later, Dreamfall Chapters was successfully crowdfunded. The game is episodic, and to date, four episodes have come out, with the fifth and final one arriving sometime this summer. Playing the previous games isn’t required – but recommended because they’re awesome. So if you want you can jump straight into this one in preparation for the finale.

Magicka 2 closes out this tier. This game probably needs no introduction. Well, Magicka probably needs no introduction. This one, however, might. The sequel isn’t quite as good as the original, and it’s made by another developer entirely, but they’ve done great to patch it and improve it since it came out May of last year, and most people agree it’s pretty solid now.

There’s one last game, though. For $12, add to the above a copy of the definitive edition of Grey Goo. This is a traditional strategy game, through and through. Three races, build a base, kill your foes. It’s familiar ground, but traditional strategy games are a rarity these days, so if you’re in the mood to relive the days of Command & Conquer and StarCraft, then this seems like a pretty decent way to spend your time.

There are a few good grabs in Humble Jumbo Bundle 6, probably making it worth the $12 for the full package, but it also has quite a bit of filler. Still, you’ll be hard pressed to pick up Grey Goo, Dreamfall Chapters, Dragonfall, and perhaps Magicka 2 for less than $12 if you buy them on sale separately. But if you already own at least one or more of those games, the projected value of the bundle goes down dramatically.

And considering how many bundles are being released these days, it’s probably worth it to be really selective, or else you’ll find yourself picking up a new bundle every week and doing little more than filling out your Steam library with games you may – at some distant point in the future – get around to playing.

Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.


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