warframe's 18.5 update

Warframe’s 18.5 Update Makes the Game Prettier

Warframe’s 18.5 Update, Sands of Inaros, dropped yesterday, and with it comes an entirely new lighting system as well as a bunch of other changes and additions.

The relighting of much of Warframe not only makes the game strikingly more vibrant, but the improvements might also increase its overall performance, depending on your rig. The update also brings a host of other additions. We’ve got the new Egyptian themed Warframe, Inaros. There’s also chat 2.0, which makes the entire frame a bit sleeker. There’s also a new quest, new weapons, and new enemies. Digital Extremes could’ve probably dubbed Warframe’s 18.5 Update 19, but they didn’t. Makes you wonder what the big nine-oh has planned. Maybe when it hits 21, we’ll take it out partying for the weekend.

Gotta say, I have a soft spot for Waframe. I originally started playing it back in late 2012 during the closed beta, and truthfully I didn’t think much of it back then. It was a frail husk of a game with a handful of warframes and one tileset. I figured it was going to be dead on arrival. Now look at it. Many of the features and content in the game now were but a faint twinkle in Digital Extreme’s eye. Now it’s grown in orders of magnitude. To put it into comparison, I remember that the closed beta weighed in at less than a gigabyte. Now here we are, three years later and the game’s directory weighs in at over fifteen. And we’re not just talking content; the game has had more players this week that ever before.  It’s pretty damn impressive. I think few games have gone through the iteration and growth that Warframe has, and it shows no signs of slowing.

And all this rose from the ashes of Dark Sector’s original concept that debuted back in reveal trailer of E3 2005.

The official forums have the full patch notes.

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