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March Humble Monthly Bundle Has Landed, April Teased

The Humble Monthly Bundle was a really interesting decision on Humble Bundle’s part. Subscribe and each month receive a mystery bag of games. They usually tease one or two, but don’t reveal the others until the bundle is out, and at that point subscribing will no longer get you access to that bundle, just the following one the next month. It might be a gamble, but so far the Humble Monthly Bundle hasn’t disappointed.

The March Humble Monthly Bundle has come on gone, and with it eight games: Wasteland 2, GRAV, Ark: Survival EvolvedShantae and the Pirate’s Curse, I Am Bread, Switchcars, Battlesloths, and Sentinels of the Multiverse.

It’s a solid bundle, but they’ve all been. I finally bit the bullet and subscribed last month to get Ark early, but considering the quality of the other games, I won’t be canceling the subscription anytime soon. The star of this March bundle is easily Wasteland 2, but Shantae is great as well. But it doesn’t look like this bundle has any stinkers, just a couple unproven games. Switchcars just came out the same day as the bundle, and as such is a Humble Monthly debut. Battlesloths, alternatively, is an exclusive game created just for the monthly bundle. 4 Player co op, sloths with guns. What’s not to love? Let’s just hope you have friends to play it with, because you won’t be able to buy it anywhere else. In fact, the only game that doesn’t have positive ratings on steam is GRAV, but even that game looks to have a lot of potential.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing out on this bundle, or the previous two, then you can always subscribe now for the April bundle. Doing that unlocks two of the games early, South Park: The Stick of Truth as well as This War of Mine. Both of which are great, and I’ve personally been meaning to pick up This War of Mine since it came out over a year ago. I’m a little slow. Getting both those games for $12, as well as whatever else is coming in April is probably reason enough to subscribe. If the past bundles are any indication, it’s unlikely to disappoint. And if you already have them – like I did with Wasteland 2 – you can always trade them or give them to friends for warm feelings. Considering how few people subscribe to the monthly bundle compared to buying the regular ones, any extras are a bit more valuable for trading or earning brownie points.

And unlike playing the lottery, you know you’ll at least be getting something out of this gamble, even if one of the monthly bundles finally ends up being disappointing.

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