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Star Wars Gets its Own Humble Bundle

Just a mere week after launching the Humble Indie Bundle 16, the humble folks at Humble Bundle are back with yet another one. This time it could most easily be described as the polar opposite, because it features one of the biggest franchises in the world: Star Wars.

The Star Wars Humble Bundle 2 features 10 Star Wars games, with more to come next week. All of which activate on Steam. The first thing you might notice about this bundle is just how old some of these games are. Most are older than fifteen years, if not more. But I guess that’s not too surprising. There haven’t been too many Star Wars games in recent years, and while old, these are all good ones. Or they were good. Getting these and most other 90s PC games running on most modern PCs is a crap shoot, and then once you actually get to playing, you usually realize how far games have come in 20 years, and sometimes nostalgia just isn’t enough.

But all is not lost, for beating the current average of $8.04, we also get the early 2000 classics, Knights of the Old Republic and the sequel, The Sith Lords. While both have been dirt cheap before, if you don’t already have them, and also want to fill your Steam library with the 90s games, then this is a good a time as any to grab the RPGs.

But if you do decide to go this deep, you may as well throw another couple dollars into the bundle and go a little deeper. The full bundle is $9.99. That adds another two games: the 2006 strategy game Star Wars: Empire at War, and LEGO: Star Wars. Those are easily the newest games, but they’re still fairly old. Still, if you’re desperate for a Star Wars fix, you may as well grab them here. Who knows, maybe the games added to the bundle in a week will make it all worth your while. Or you could just wait and decide then.

If you’re really gung ho, then you can throw $34.99 into the bundle and grab yourself a fairly spiffy Sith Lords T-shirt.

Overall, it’s a pretty unexciting bundle. I’m pretty sure a lot of Star Wars fans out there probably have a lot of these games already, and if they don’t, a lot of the 90s games seem to have better versions available through GOG, or are just unreliable to play on today’s PCs. So I guess it ultimately comes down to whether or not you want to drop $10 on a couple classic RPGs, a classic strategy game, and a LEGO game.

I don’t think you need the force to help you out with that decision.

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