Here is a List of Speculated Games to Come Soon to the Windows 10 Store

The last few weeks have been a constant stream of rumors of games coming to Windows 10 in the near – or not too near – future, but has one intrepid Reddit user found a cheat sheet?

Just recently, no1dead posted a list to Reddit. Simply put, it’s a bunch of games. All which are grabbed from a Package.StoreAssociation.xml file within the recently released Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. The list appears to contain a random assortment of games. Many of which have been rumored (or confirmed) to be coming to Windows 10 for a while now, and the ones that nobody has heard of are either just that, or code names for other things. But still, it’s nice to peruse the list and get a good idea of what’s in store.

So if anything, this just further confirms those rumors. It’ll be nice if Microsoft would just come out and say “okay you guys, here it is, here are all the games coming out eventually.” Because between all these rumors and official announcements I’ve hard a hard time keeping which is which straight.

But after glancing through the list, I don’t see too many surprises. Or at least too many new surprising. I was already surprised a while back to learn that Scalebound was likely to be coming to Windows 10, so to see it here again just strengthens those rumors.

The unknowns are the most enticing ones. Maybe buried somewhere in that list is Halo 5. Who knows? We can dream.

But all the other big hitters are there, Forza Horizon 3, which hasn’t even been announced yet; the previously mentioned Scalebound; and Zoo Tycoon 3, also still remains to be announced

Most of the rest of the games are either stuff that’s already been announced (Fable Legends, Quantum Break, ReCore, Killer Instinct, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex), stuff that’s likely to be using a code name, or smaller indie games that are already available on Steam (Ori And the Blind Forest, Max and the Curse of Brotherhood, Skulls of the Shogun).

Here’s the full list, juicy entries bolded:

  • Microsoft.Gunpowder
  • Microsoft.4Elements2
  • Microsoft.AWorldOfKeflings
  • Microsoft.Adera
  • Microsoft.Adera-Lite
  • Microsoft.AgeCastles (Age of Empires Castle)
  • Microsoft.AgeofEmapiresCastleSiege (Age of Empires Castle)
  • Microsoft.AlphaJax
  • Microsoft.AoECastleBeta (Age of Empires Castle)
  • Microsoft.ApexPG (Forza Motorsport 6: Apex)
  • Microsoft.ArvadaBeta
  • Microsoft.AtariGameOver
  • Microsoft.Ausar
  • Microsoft.BigBuckHunter
  • Microsoft.Bingo-Beta
  • Microsoft.BulldogThreshold
  • Microsoft.BulldogThresholdClosedBeta
  • Microsoft.ColdAlley
  • Microsoft.CrashCourse2
  • Microsoft.DisneyFairies
  • Microsoft.DisneyFairiesHiddenTreasures-Lite
  • Microsoft.DisneysLittleMermaid
  • Microsoft.EdenFalls (Trademark taken in 2014)
  • Microsoft.EdenFallsBeta
  • Microsoft.EndlessSkater
  • Microsoft.EveryStreetUnited (Sports Game)
  • Microsoft.FableLegends
  • Microsoft.FieldStreamFishing
  • Microsoft.Fishdom3SpecialEdition
  • Microsoft.GalacticReign
  • Microsoft.CollateralDamage
  • Microsoft.GNS-TEST-APP
  • Microsoft.GoCargoBeta
  • Microsoft.GoCargoBeta2
  • Microsoft.GunpowderLITE
  • Microsoft.HaloChannel
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanAssault
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanAssault2
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanAssaultiOS
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanStrike-Beta
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanStrikeiOS
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanAssaultLite
  • Microsoft.Hexic
  • Microsoft.HoganThreshold
  • Microsoft.HoganThresholdClosedBeta
  • Microsoft.HoloStudio (HoloLens HDK)
  • Microsoft.Ilomilo
  • Microsoft.KillerInstinct-Win10
  • Microsoft.KinectimalsUnleashed
  • Microsoft.Kodu
  • Microsoft.Lucille
  • Microsoft.MaxTheCurseofBrotherhood
  • Microsoft.Minecraft
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftBingo
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftJackpot
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftJigsaw
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftMahjong
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftMinesweeper
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftNumberPuzzle
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollectionPreview
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftSudoku
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftTreasureHunt
  • Microsoft.Microsoft.ProjectDenver
  • Microsoft.MinecraftUWP
  • Microsoft.MonstersLoveCandy
  • Microsoft.MSDonuts
  • Microsoft.NFLonWindows10
  • Microsoft.OpusPG (Forza Horizons 3)
  • Microsoft.OriandtheBlindForestDefinitiveEdition
  • Microsoft.ProjectCastlesBeta (Age of Empires)
  • Microsoft.ProjectFlair-Beta (Press Play Game)
  • Microsoft.ProjectFortune (Press Play Game)
  • Microsoft.ProjectKnoxville (Press Play Game)
  • Microsoft.ProjectMercury (Press Play Game)
  • Microsoft.Dakota
  • Microsoft.ProjectSparkWebsite
  • Microsoft.QuantumBreak
  • Microsoft.Studios.RecklessRacingUltimate
  • Microsoft.RecklessRacingUltimateLITE
  • Microsoft.ReCore
  • Microsoft.RocketRiot
  • Microsoft.RosewoodFP
  • Microsoft.RoyalEnvoyIISpecialEdition
  • Microsoft.Scalebound
  • Microsoft.SecretsTreasureTheLostCities
  • Microsoft.SecretsTreasureTheLostCitiesBeta
  • Microsoft.SesameStreetTouchandLearnTV
  • Microsoft.ShadowPackPC
  • Microsoft.ShuffleParty
  • Microsoft.SkullsOfTheShogun
  • Microsoft.Studios.HydroThunderHurricane
  • Microsoft.Studios.PinballFx2
  • Microsoft.Studios.TheWavyTubeManChronicles
  • Microsoft.Studios.ToySoldiersColdWar
  • Microsoft.Studios.Wordament
  • Microsoft.StudiosRMTestApp
  • Microsoft.Taptiles
  • Microsoft.TeamCrossword
  • Microsoft.Tentacles
  • Microsoft.TentaclesII
  • Microsoft.TentaclesEnterTheMind
  • Microsoft.TheGunstringer
  • Microsoft.TheHarvestHD
  • Microsoft.ThisIsOnlyATest
  • Microsoft.TJComboBoxingBeta
  • Microsoft.TYtheTasmanianTiger
  • Microsoft.UglyCastles
  • Microsoft.VisitEdenFalls (Eden Falls Demo?)
  • Microsoft.WordamentTapSnap
  • Microsoft.WSOPFullHousePro
  • Microsoft.XboxBriefingE32014
  • Microsoft.XboxFitness
  • Microsoft.XboxSport
  • Microsoft.Zombies
  • Microsoft.ZooTycoon3
  • Microsoft.ZTFBeta (Zoo Tycoon Free?)
  • Microsoft.zzzXLConfigTest
  • Microsoft.14822C0D9D6C2


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