Minecraft’s Combat Updated in 1.9

Minecraft’s Combat Updated in 1.9

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Starting today, Creepers will be felled in a much fancier fashion. Patch 1.9 brings an update to Minecraft’s combat.

Minecraft gets compared to LEGOs all the time, but when was the last time LEGOs updated their blocks? Okay I guess if you were to compare the LEGO brand blocks of today to the ones of yesteryear, they’d probably noticeably different. But can those blocks put on a shield and block an arrow? Nope.

Now you can with Minecraft’s Combat Update, 1.9.

Not only that, you can also dual wield, and boost your new attack speed stat like crazy. Maybe you can crank it up so high that you attack so fast that it tears a hole through the very fabric of Minecraft reality. Okay, that’s unlikely, but how would you know unless you tried?

The update also brings more types of arrows and over 150 new sound effects!

Here are the full patch notes for Minecraft’s combat update.

Truthfully, I’ve only dabbled in the game, mostly because “the video game” parts of it were never expanded on enough to hook me in, and since I have no imagination, mods and creating things in Minecraft was never really my forte.

But the fact Mojang is still expanding and improving core aspects of the game so many years after it came out is pretty rad.

Let’s just hope they thought far enough ahead to allow players to dual wield shields.

Oh well, even if they didn’t, someone will mod that in sooner or later.


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