Don’t Worry, The Microsoft Hololens Development Kit is Only 3 Grand

Gotta hand it to Microsoft. While most people are looking toward VR as the wave of the future, they’re trying something different. Sure, you’ll have to strap a thing to your head one way or the other, but the Hololens is going the holographic route.

While VR had to contend with resolution and latency, the biggest hurdle for Microsoft to overcome is the field of view of having a pair of glasses on your head. The only way to fix that would be to bring the Hololens closer to your head, or make them bigger. Can you imagine a screen that wraps around the front of your face? That would be ridiculously sci-fi. Then, of course, in the future, we’ll be putting these things on our eye like contacts. Then it’s only a small step before implanting hardware directly into our brains.

But Microsoft has to finish making the thing first, but we’re one step closer to that happening. Today preorders for the development kit of the holographic system went live, and will start shipping March 30th. Of course this really only applies if you’re developer with room in your budget for the $3000 kit. It’s basically an entire computer, so that doesn’t seem too crazy, and it’s probably priced even more expensively to deter the general public from buying one for fun, and then getting upset because Young Conker looks like trash. Not that it doesn’t. Oh it does, but that’s beside the point. I don’t think that video was made to showcase how they’re doing the Conker IP justice, even if they’re not. It was made to showcase how cool a platformer set in your living room could be.

The concept behind the Hololens really is pretty neat, almost more so than VR. It’s hard not to browse the Hololens Youtube channel, watching random videos and not getting at least a little excited at the possibilities.

Too bad there’s no telling when the commercial one will finally launch, or how much it will cost.

But between this and the rise of VR, I may never go outside again.

Not that I go outside now.


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