Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn Has Left Early Access and is Now Officially Out

Okay I admit it. I messed up. I was so caught up in the release of the quite good SUPERHOT that I completely forgot about the other game that came out February 25th. Grim Dawn.

Grim Dawn, a spiritual successor to 2006’s Titan Quest, built on the same engine and made by some of the same people, entered early access in May of 2013, following a successful Kickstarter a year prior to that. So, yeah, its full release has been a long time coming, but games take a long time to make, and though Grim Dawn’s development was a little on the slow side, it was also steady. Content updates were regular, and the team was communicative. It was everything you’d want out of a early access game. What more, the final product is actually good and is a great entry to the Action RPG genre.

Now we just need to wait patiently for the expansion. Games are never really done these days, are they? Not that expansions for action RPGs should be a surprise. Diablo 3 had one. Path of Exile has had them. Titan Quest had one. The Grim Dawn kickstarter even alluded to the game eventually getting one too. There will also be a Survival Mode eventually that will include some kind of wave-based mode that will be free to backers.

Below is the launch trailer to the game as well as its opening cinematic. The game joins Path of Exile as a darker and more foreboding action RPG.

I’ve already sunk forty hours into the game, but I’m half tempted to slip in another playthrough before March’s games roll around.

I just love to click on things, and to loot, and to click some more, and to loot some more, and then to stick points into skill trees.

What? It’s satisfying.

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