Halo 5 Expanded With Hammer Storm Update

Halo 5 Expanded With Hammer Storm Update

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343 Industries promised continual content updates to Halo 5: Guardians, and continual content updates we have received. This time around, they’ve dropped the Hammer Storm, which is considerably cooler than a mic.

Since launching October of last year, Halo 5: Guardians has received – all for free – 11 new maps, 12 new game modes, and over 180 REQ items. 343 Industries sure has been keeping busy, dumping more content into Halo 5 than any previous entry to the series. It’s a wonder players aren’t crushed underneath the weight of it all.

And today, Hammer Storm has added even more to the game.

  • New game modes: Grifball, Assault and Fiesta. From the hammer-meets-sword sports sensation of Grifball, and weapon-roulette hilarity of Fiesta, to the fan-favorite Assault game type that’s been fully evolved for Halo 5: Guardians, Hammer Storm brings a brand new game mode to fit every flavor of Halo fan.
  • New map Torque. An entirely new environment primed for battle, Torque is a large symmetrical map that caters to Capture the Flag and Assault game modes. The pistons in each courtyard can provide key gameplay for cover, traversal, and objective movement.
  • New weapons change the game. The Gravity Hammer provides the proper tool for smashing enemies, and the Halo: CE Pistol brings back a legacy of single handed death-dealing. Be sure to watch for the classic headshot death animation when you deliver the killing blow!
  • New REQ items. Hammer Storm contains a myriad of new REQs, including attachments for loadout weapons, weapon skins, armors, emblems, assassinations, visors, and stances.
  • New possibilities with Forge. The new “ball” mechanic that powers the Assault and Grifball modes unlocks the potential for entirely new game types in Forge mode, not to mention paving the way for returning favorites like Oddball and Ricochet.

To top it off, 343 is only just getting started. In the coming months, Halo 5: Guardians will see even more maps, game modes, vehicles, REQ cards. You name it. Even Firefight (the co op game mode in which you and a few friends defeat waves of AI enemies) is coming back to the series in the form of Warzone Firefight.

Warzone Firefight is arriving for a bit, though. You’ll have to sit through three other updates first, but Ghosts of Meridian, Memories of Reach, and Hog Wild. Fortunately those are all sure to throw even more free content your way. I can’t imagine you’ll be running out of things to do in Halo 5 anytime soon.

All this comes along with a sizable patch.

So get out there Spartans and smack some foes around with the gravity hammer.

You know you want to.


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