Batmobile Will Soon Be Knocking Balls Around in Rocket League

Batmobile Will Soon Be Knocking Balls Around in Rocket League

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This just in. Rocket League is a huge success. Not only has it sold over 4 million copies, 10 million if you add in those who got it through PS+, but it’s even receiving the Batmobile as promotional DLC for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Yup. WB is using an indie game to help promote its upcoming super-duper mega blockbuster. Nuts, I say. Nuts. Also really clever advertising.

It’s a pretty damn good recreation of the BvS Batmobile, too. The $1.99 car pack also comes with three antenna featuring either Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. Maybe by the time Justice League rolls around, we’ll have superhero themed cars for every member. Aquaman’s will be like a shark-mobile. Flash’s will be a lightning bolt. Wonder Woman’s will be invisible.

Just think of the possibilities.

The car pack launches on March 8th on all systems.


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