Kittypocalypse Rifting Through the Oculus This Spring

Kittypocalypse will be launching alongside the Oculus Rift when it finally arrives this spring. So strap that headset to your noggin and get ready to kill armies of evil kitties in this strategy defense game by the Danish studio Bolvërk Games.

As you can glean from the trailer, Kittypocalypse has a lot in common with tower defense games, a genre that encapsulated much of my youth. Nothing like spending hours refreshing the StarCraft 2 and WarCraft 3 custom maps screens in search of something to play. It almost makes me want to reinstall StarCraft 2 to see how the scene is doing while I wait for Kittypocalypse to come out.

That’s right, a tower defense game is being hand-crafted for VR. How times have changed. You’ll feel like you’re actually there as droves of kitties fall before your might. Talk about fun.

Kittypocalypse will be invading the Oculus Rift first, but it’ll be coming to Vive and Playstation VR later this year. So no matter what you’ve got on your head, you should eventually be able to build gattling turrets to mow down evil kitties.

“Kittypocalypse is a deep, rewarding strategic defense game,” said creative director Bo Bennekov, of Danish studio Bolvërk Games. “It’s easy to learn, but will be devilishly hard to master. With Kittypocalypse you can soar high above the action, or immerse yourself eye to eye with the hordes of marauding kittens, seeing your weapons work and missiles flinging the kittens above your head.”

Kittypocalypse will feature:

  • Unique control system, designed exclusively for VR
  • Deep strategic gameplay, guaranteeing hours of fun
  • Precise difficulty progression which eases in new players but culminates in the ultimate challenge
  • More than 20 islands to defend
  • Carefully optimised approach to eliminating VR-associated motion sickness
  • Absolutely loads of evil alien kitties!

To find out more about the game, be sure to visit their website, and if you’ve got an Oculus dev kit, there’s also a playable demo.

So you could be killing those kitties as early as today.


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