The Division

6.4 Million People Played The Division This Weekend

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment must be feeling good. According to them, The Division had one of the largest betas for a new IP on the current consoles.

Sure, that’s a couple big qualifiers, but for a brand new, unproven IP, 6.4 million is a lot, and from my experience, most those people were able to play the beta unimpeded, because the servers certainly did not crumble and fall. That alone probably makes this a successful test. I’ll be surprised if there are more than 6.4 million people playing The Division on the day of its release.

I only played this weekend to see what had changed since last months beta. In a word, not much, so my impressions still stand. I still like what I saw and played, and will probably be diving in come launch, but I’m still waiting to see some impressions of the full product in the coming months before I make a final decision. Generally speaking, it seemed like most people went away from the beta with a pretty good idea of whether The Division was right for them. People seemed to either like the game for its RPG elements, and the Dark Zone, or dislike the game for the same reasons. I have a friend who sunk over a dozen hours into the Dark Zone this weekend alone. So, I think it’s safe to say that the game will definitely click with certain people.

I’m still not sure what exactly the full version of The Division will be, but if it was drastically different from what was in the demo-as-a-beta, I’m sure we’d know by now. Although I guess you could argue that Massive Entertainment doesn’t want to spoil everything the game has to offer. Guess we’ll find out pretty soon, cause The Division is due out March 8th.

Let’s just hope that the open beta numbers didn’t give Ubisoft or Massive unhealthy expectations for the game. I’d be surprised if The Division sells even half that, but maybe my expectations are too modest and the game will be the biggest thing of 2016.

Did you play The Division? Did you like it? Lump it? Let us know below.



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