Top 50 Gaming Websites

The team over at RebatesZone have put together a Top 50 Gaming Websites. There are some standard regulars in the list and some notable absences like SegmentNext, however the most important part if we are in there at Number 29. We’ll take that. It’s all a bit subjective but hey let us have this one!

Here is the excerpt from the Top 50 Gaming Websites.

This year is going to bring another revolution into the gaming world. Yes, the consumer versions of popular virtual reality headsets are set to release later this year. It has been roughly 4 years since Oculus released the DK1 and we are just teeming with excitement to see how the industry evolves to incorporate this tech into its folds. Even more importantly, the gaming experience is set to go to a whole new level of immersive, with the release set in March.
Of the major companies set to release this year, Oculus is the most well-known, followed by PlayStation’s PlayStation VR. HTC has also been successful in getting everyone riled up and increasing the overall competition. However, a little known fact is that Google is also working on a standalone high definition VR headset. This is completely different from Google Cardboard which most of us are familiar with. After all, it was the device which brought VR to the common gamer.
All in all, it is going to be a very interesting year in the gaming industry. So, we have brought together a list of the Top 50 Gaming Blogs from all over the web for you, to help you stay abreast of the developments.

Top 50 Gaming Websites

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