It’s Time to Get Humble (Bundle) Again

It’s Time to Get Humble (Bundle) Again

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We’re gonna double up the Humble Bundle post this time around, for there are two worth mentioning. Not only is there a regular bundle, but a juicy weekly one as well.

Let’s start with the small one first. The Weekly Humble Orbyt Bundle. Don’t worry, I had to Google what Orbyt was, too. It wasn’t even the first hit! Orbyt is an online celebration of indie games, and will be streaming later today (February 20th) on Youtube.

This is a fairly light bundle, but in spite of the increasing commercialization of Humble Bundle, it actually features indie games, and some good ones at that.

For the dollar tier, we have:

Ink is a game I didn’t immediately recognize, but upon some further investigation (I put my Sherlock cap on, and then simply read the Steam description), I discovered that it was a platformer where you splash paint to show where to go. Nifty enough, and probably worth the dollar tier.

Speed Runners is an early access game, so there’s that to keep in mind. It’s a 4-person competitive platforming/running game. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, so I suppose this is as good a time to check it out as any. Friends recommended, though, but it has online play, as well as workshop support. It’s a pretty full package for a buck, even in early access.

Lastly, Divekick, a goofy two-button fighting game. You jump, and you kick. But there’s a lot of character variety and variation to doing only that. Considering the bare-bones mess that Street Fighter V seems to be at the moment, this might be your better bet if you don’t already own it.

For beating the average (currently $3.15), we have:

Grim Fandago: Remastered, one of the games I’ve been told to play numerous times by numerous people, even before the remastered edition came out, and when it did, I was almost sure I would. Maybe now I will. Grim Fandago is a point and click adventure game, and believed by many to be a masterpiece of the genre.

Dead State: Reanimated is a survival RPG that ended up being not-quite-as-good, or as well known, as some other games (Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin, Shadowrun Returns) during the cRPG renaissance. It’s turn based, and features zombies, and frequent party member deaths. Seems decent enough for 3.15 if you’re into that sort of thing and haven’t worn out the genre yet.

For $8.00, add to the bundle Party Harda stealth strategy game and another one I hadn’t heard of before the bundle, but it’s got pretty decent Steam reviews, so it’s probably worth a look.

Finally, for $26 get all the above, plus an Orbyt T-shirt! This is the tier you buy if you really want to support the Humble Bundle.

The main Humble Gamepedia Bundle this time around is basically a bunch of starter packs for Free to Play games, divvied up in to various tiers. There are a few paid games thrown into the mix, though, like this first one:

Awesomenauts, a side-scrolling 2D Moba. This is just the base game, though. Awesomenauts also has two expansions and a buttload of skins. So this is a good way to grab the game, but if you like it, expect to spend a bit more later. Be warned, though, a lot of players seem pretty displeased with the direction the game’s gone with the most recent expansion. But for a buck you can stomp some comps for a few hours and feel like you got your money’s worth.

Next up, Heroes & Generals (early access). It’s a World War 2 multiplayer shooter. Maps are big, lots of players. Pretty fun. I played it briefly with a friend, but we didn’t stick with it. The pack mostly contains boosts.

Dirty Bomb is a class-based shooter, similar to Team Fortress 2, or the upcoming Overwatch. I’ve sunk quite a few hours into it, and have enjoyed it off and on since then. The Ultimate Starter Pack contains five mercs, a bunch of credits to buy more mercs, and a couple elite cases to get loadout unlocks. I spent $20 on this pack last year, and thought it was a great deal at the time. $1 is significantly cheaper than $20.

30 Day Subscription to Curse Premium. Woo.

Finally, a Wildstar Jumpstart Pack. I’ve tried to get into Wildstar a few times, but it hasn’t kept me for whatever reason. So I can’t really comment on anything more than the first few hours. It’s polished, and pretty fun. Worth a whirl. The pack contains a random assortment of stuff, including a free mount, and we all know how much everybody love mounts.

That’s the $1 tier. There’s no beating the average here, just a $5 tier, and a $12 tier.

Vertiginous Golf 4-Pack (not free to play) is a goofy mini golf game, and you get four copies of it! It doesn’t have the best reviews on steam, but who doesn’t love mini golf? Crazy people, that’s who.

Smite probably doesn’t require much introduction. It’s Hi-rez’s 3rd person Moba. I’ve yet to check it out for more than a few matches during its beta, but it has gotten a pretty decent following. The pack contains a couple skins. So nothing too fancy.

Neverwinter – Humble Pirate Pack. I as well as a few friends jumped on board the Neverwinter train when the game first came out, and thought it was a pretty fun MMO with a pretty poor monetization system. Still, combat was pretty fun, and it’s fairly polished and full featured for a free to play MMO. What’s included in this Humble Pirate Pack is only cosmetic items, though.

War of the Vikings (not free to play) was the spin off to War of the Roses. Both are medieval 3rd person multiplayer games, and neither of which are too great, but for $5, might be good for a bit of fun.

Last in the $5 tier, Robocraft, in which you build robots and fight them. Haven’t played it, didn’t really know much about it, but I’m almost sold on the premise alone. I loved me some Robot Wars growing up. The pack contains a 90 day premium membership, as well as two bots that you can fight with, or break down and repurpose into something even more badass.

For $12, you can add to all the above:

More Dirty Bomb. This time, it’s exclusive Humble Bundle loadouts and case. From browsing the Dirty Bomb subreddit, it doesn’t seem like any of the cards are exceptionally good, but they might be worth grabbing if you’re just getting started.

Path of Exile is a pretty great action RPG, and in many ways is more of a sequel to Diablo 2 than Diablo 3 was when it first came out. What’s included here is a couple cosmetic items – an arctic crown, and a cobra pet. It’s probably for the best that the pack doesn’t contain any real content. Path of Exile has always had cosmetic-only (or stash space) microtransactions.

The last game in the bundle is Life is Feudal: Your Own (not free to pay). It’s a multiplayer medieval sandbox and survival game, and retails for a full $40. Might be worth checking out for only $12, but the user reviews are fairly mixed. But hey, we can never have too many survival games can we?

That about wraps it up for the humble offerings this time around.

Except for one final thing.

You can grab a free copy of the Stronghold Kingdoms – Kingmaker Starter Pack. Another free to play game, but free paid content for a free to play game seems pretty good. Except that most the Steam user reviews bemoan it for being pay to win. Oh well, still free, right?

I didn’t care too much about this bundle when I first saw it, but after writing up all that’s offered, the $5 tier actually seems pretty nifty. I wasn’t sold on the $12 one, though.

Until next time, humble friends.


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