Go Back to 1996 with Strafe

Oh, 1996. There are few who remember your womanly wiles. But fortunately that won’t be the case forever. Strafe is here to remind us.

Strafe is an ultra-gory, 90s nostalgia-filled single-player FPS. Plus, there are secrets. I don’t even remember the last game I played that had secrets (that wasn’t a throwback to an era in which games had secrets.) Most AAA games these days just don’t do secrets anymore. Collectibles, sure, but secrets? Not so much.

Following a successful Kickstarter, the lads behind Strafe, Pixel Titans, released this magnificent trailer.

I can’t imagine a better cover of a better song to fully encapsulate what 1996 meant. (Even though that song is technically from 1999, but we’ll let that slide.)

Until today, this game wasn’t even on my radar, but now it is, in a big way.

I mean, just look at their site. Or don’t if you’re under 18. Or if you’re under 18 and okay with a bit of gore and 90s nostalgia, go ahead and do it. Just don’t tell your parents.

What Pixel Titans is doing speaks to me in a special kind of way, and makes me giddy in yet another special way.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t due out till much later this year, or maybe even early next, but if Pixel Titans can keep cranking out trailers like the one above, or the live-action one below, I can see Strafe building some real hype behind it by the time it comes out.

It’s won me over, but I’m easy.

(Note, the trailer below has been banned, so watch it at your own peril.)



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