Dragon Age Going May Get (More) Tactical

Dragon Age Going May Get (More) Tactical

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The executive producer of the Dragon Age franchise tweeted out something interesting today. If it’s to be believed at face value, Bioware might be considering a turn based Dragon Age RPG/Strategy game.

There you have it. Of course, this is no sort of announcement. It might not even have much weight behind it, but if Mark Darrah gauging interesting as a representative of Bioware, and not just dude, then who knows.

Xcom 2 has certainly shown that a turn based strategy game can be pretty darn successful. Perhaps a Dragon Age game of the same ilk can be, too.

The franchise isn’t far off, in fact, in a round about way. Pausing the game and planning out your move is almost required on Dragon Age’s higher difficulty levels, and when you do that, it may as well be turned based.

So not only can it work, the outcome would have the potential to be something really awesome. Think a big-budget Divinity: Original Sin. That combined with Bioware’s pension for creating fleshed out and lovable characters? Permadeath? Tears will be shed. Actually permadeath might not quite work, unless Bioware wants to write a few dozen different characters. Or maybe that can simply be a repercussion of sucking at the game. You’ll eventually run out of hand crafted characters and eventually have to play with randomly generated ones.

Now that would be depressingly fun.

That’s a bit too much dreaming in response to simply a tweet, but I’m a dreamer.

Also evidently a pretty morbid one at that.

Because now I’m contemplating how it would feel to lose Varric permanently because I made a horrible horrible mistake. Or if you really don’t like one of the companions, you can set up the perfect murder scenario.

Okay maybe permadeath in a Dragon Age game wouldn’t be a good idea.

(Please make it happen).


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