IO Interactive Details Hitman’s Live Component

IO Interactive Details Hitman’s Live Component

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Hitman seems like a really interesting thing. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what that thing is, but I know for sure it includes monthly content updates and a live component. Today we learned a little more about the latter.

With the beta starting tomorrow, IO Interactive posted a rundown on Hitman’s live component. It consists primarily of four aspects.

Elusive targets will be targets that will only be available to assassinate for a limited time. If they escape, they’re gone forever. If you kill them, they never respawn. Once you kill them, however you do it, that’s it. Each elusive target will have a dossier tied to them, where you can find out what they look like, and why they’re even there. This is how you find them. They won’t appear on the map, nor will they be highlighted with instinct mode. You have to track them down by their dossier and the photos given before you can poison their flambe.

If you rack up enough elusive target kills as the season progresses, you’ll unlock special costumes, even ones with gloves. Because everybody loves gloves. (I’m not just being facetious; IO really did make a point to mention that some of the suits will have gloves.)

Escalation mode basically remixes the the available content to make it fresh. They might require you to kill a target a specific way, with specific limitations. Security measures can be moved around, or changed. Different escalation missions will pop up during the bridge between each monthly update as part of the live component.

Contracts mode returns from Hitman: Absolution. These are user-created assassination missions that you can share with friends for spots on the leader boards. IO will pick the best ones and feature them.

Live challenges is open ended and basically entails anything else IO adds to the game. One possibility will be community inspired challenges, but these still in flux and subject to change. Someone on the PS4 beta killed all the guards of the starting area using only a hammer, inspiring IO to potentially create that as a community challenge.

The new Hitman game is, in a word, ambitious. It’s a single player assassination game with a lot of the ideas that go into MMOS these days. If it executes what it sets out to do well enough, we might be playing Hitman for the next year, if not longer. If it all turns out to be fun, then I can definitely see myself returning monthly if not weekly to experience the monthly updates as well as the live component. IO also labels this all as the first “season.” If Hitman continues to be built upon, through 2017 and beyond, then that would be crazy. What happens when the game’s been out for five years and the install size is 300 GB? I’m sure they’ve considered all this (or so I hope.)

But it’s not without risks. They are adhering to a pretty brisk pace with the updates. If they can keep up with their plans, and keep players retained, the end result might be pretty awesome. But if IO starts to lag behind on their schedule, delaying not only monthly location updates but live updates as well, the entire thing might wither and die, being remembered as nothing more than a failed experiment.

Of course the same thing might also happen if the entire thing just isn’t very good.

But I guess that’s one benefit of being able to buy the intro pack for only $15.

That’s cheap enough to be worth giving Hitman a whirl.

We all love whirls.



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