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Todd Howard Reveals that Bethesda Makes Video Games

DICE 2016 is here, and Todd Howard spoke a few hours ago, revealing that Bethesda has three long term projects in the works.

Of course Todd Howard wouldn’t say what these projects are – he’ll probably save that for their own E3 Conference, either this year or in the years to come – but he did say that “they’re different than anything we’ve done before, while also being a Bethesda-style game—kind of big and crazy—but in many ways different than things we’ve done before.”

So we can glean from this that Bethesda is making a Bethesda game, so it’ll probably be open world, an RPG, big. You know the drill. But if it’s different from anything else they’ve done, then it’s obviously not gonna be Fallout 5 or Elder Scrolls 6.

Something completely sci-fi would be really neat. Fallout 4 is hyper stylized, and still more post-apocalyptic. Something way off the Sci-Fi deep end would be really outside of Bethesda’s comfort zone, and would have the potential to be quite awesome. Perhaps it could be a spiritual successor to the ill-fated Prey 2. That game seemed to be in limbo for years until Bethesda finally admitted they’d cancelled it. But maybe it inspired them to do something new.

Then again, maybe with the success of Fallout Shelter, Bethesda is just doubling down on its mobile efforts. Elder Scrolls Mobile, or something.

That’s probably the far more likely scenario.

But hey, I’m a dreamer.

The DICE Summit is still going, and can be streamed live if you wanna absorb all the lovely game talks. Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are currently chatting with Geoff Keighley, but don’t expect any ridiculous announcements. Still interesting to hear the two talk about their respective passions in life.


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