The Division DLC

The Division DLC Coming to Xbox One 30 Days Before Other Platforms

We’ve known for a while that The Division DLC would come to Xbox One first, but there was still the question as to how long. A week? Two? A month? Surprise, it’s that last one.

The specifics came to us today in a Gamestop promotional video in which Major Nelson introduces a bunch of Gamestop sales associates who proceed to pimp the game as well as Microsoft’s console. And trust me, pimp isn’t a word I use lightly. I’m not saying you should watch the video, but you should, because it’s “good.”

Really good. If you catch my drift.

Limited exclusivity for DLC isn’t anything new. Destiny’s came to the PS4 before the Xbox one. So is Black Ops 3. In fact, it seems like most games get into bed with one console or the other, for better or worse (mostly worse). Publishers aren’t exactly helping the matter with extreme console loyalty with stuff like this. On one side we have Ubisoft releasing The Division DLC for the Xbox One a month before other platforms, and on other side we have Microsoft announcing that Quantum Break is coming out simultaneously on both Xbox One and Windows 10. It’s just weird. You’re gonna drive those fanboys mad, Microsoft.

Still, with all the games that get DLC exclusivity, it’s no surprise that The Division’s is following suit. What’s less clear, however, is what all this deal entails. The Division is going to have a lot of extra perks included in its season pass. Does this mean that Xbox One users will have a headstart on all of it? Or simply the main DLC packs. Also, PC is probably included in the exclusivity deal, but that’s not always the case. The above video only references Sony, so there’s a chance.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see on those points till closer to when The Division releases on March 8th.

In the meantime, you can check out The Division this weekend during its Open beta. Coincidentally, it’s starting a day earlier on the Xbox One, Thursday, whereas all other platforms start the 19th. And the open beta ends for everyone on the 21st.

So get to preloading if you wanna shoot thugs and collect loot.

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