The Walking Dead: Michonne

Watch the First Six Minutes of The Walking Dead: Michonne

Like swords? Like chopping up zombies? Like extremely traumatized characters hallucinating? How about quick time events? Well then, The Walking Dead: Michonne might be the game for you.

Curious what the first six minutes of your life will be like in the event you decide to pick up The Walking Dead: Michonne when the first episode releases on February 23rd?

Telltale’s got you covered.

About the only thing to glean from the above video is that you’ll be using quick time events to chop up a lot of zombies. Most of the time, Telltale’s games do QTEs right. Well, maybe not right. Since QTEs can never be done right, but they’re at least an adequate way to go about action in a game like this. But that’s definitely an overabundance of them. There’s no telling whether the rest will be as action packed, but Telltale Games are at best during the quieter moments.

The hallucinations, however, are a nice touch. I haven’t read super far into the comic, so I’m not privy as to whether Michonne is depicted as being so unhinged, but it’s a nice touch by Telltale nevertheless.

The only other impression to take from these six minutes is that Telltale really needs to give their engine some love, but that’s a dead horse beaten for far too long at this point. They’re obviously fond that that old bucket of bolts and superglue, and it’s obviously capable of running on a wide array of platforms. So whatever. More power to you, Telltale.

Ultimately, Telltale’s been sort of hit or miss lately. Walking Dead Season 1 as well as The Wolf Among Us were both masterclass, and Season 2 of the Walking Dead wasn’t as good as the first, but it still had its merits. I didn’t care much for their Game of Thrones game, but I’ve heard Tales From the Borderlands is really good. Minecraft: Story mode… not so much.

So there’s no telling how good this game is going to be judging by Telltale’s recent offerings, but it’d be nice if they could knock one out of the ballpark again.

Since The Walking Dead: Michonne is only three episodes, perhaps it’ll be all the things that make Telltale games great condensed into a tight package.

And we all love tight packages.

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