No Steam For Quantum Break, Windows 10 Store Only

For anyone hoping to pick up Quantum Break this April on Steam, keep hoping. The game will evidently be exclusive to the Windows 10 store.

On the most recent episode of the Major Nelson Podcast, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg confirmed what we were all thinking already: that Quantum Break would be exclusive to the Windows 10 store.

We knew that the game would be a Windows 10 exclusive, for sure, since it’s a DirectX 12 game, but a few out there were holding out hope that the game would come to Steam as well as the Windows 10 store.

Not going to happen. I suppose if this is the cost of Microsoft embracing both platforms, so be it. Ubisoft has their own platform, EA has theirs, Blizzard has theirs. Epic Games has one now, too. And even though CD Projekt Red champions DRM free games with GOG, there’s a Galaxy Client for you to play Witcher 3 on, too. And anyone without their own platform usually just puts their stuff on Steam with Steamworks.

And for anyone who can’t imagine playing a game on anything other than Steam, too bad, I guess. A decade ago you probably hated Steam, too. Everyone else did, and it’s in Steam’s success that other publishers saw the potential in trying their own alternative. So, in a way, we are our own worst enemy.

So it’s no surprise that Microsoft is doing the same thing with its games, but they’ve still got a long ways to go. The Windows 10 store is a joke compared to basically all the other platforms out there. Origin in many ways is better than Steam as a program alone, and Uplay has made great strides since its arrival.

The Windows 10 store, however, boy howdy. Downloads are usually laughably slow. The interface is still a little too mobile-friendly, and despite what a lot of people seem to think, there is in fact a way to change the download directory for Windows 10 apps. It’s just not obvious, and not in the store itself.

You have to go through the system settings, and to storage, and choose which hard drive to install apps to.

Quantum Break

So while I’m not against you having your games exclusively available through the Windows 10 store (it’s all the rage after all), for the love of God, Microsoft, get your crap together first.

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